A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Steal the Ore. Protect your ship.

Use your ship to collect the Ore, and place it in the teleporter while avoiding asteroids and alien attack. You have no weapon. Use your shield to protect your ship.


The player can use either Keyboard or a Game Controller.

The game supports many common game controllers, XBox, Playstation 4, and many exotic rare types too. For any that don't work, or only partly work, press F1 to remap the controls. When connecting a controller, an icon will be displayed in the top right hand corner.

Unless the keyboard controls have been remapped, the standard keys are:

Shield Position
Bandit Movement
SpaceStart Game
EscapeExit re-map screen, go back to the title screen, or Quit the game
F1Re-map screen for Controllers and Keys
ZeroTake a screenshot
EnterSelect control to re-map (in the re-map screen)
Alt EnterToggle Fullscreen Mode


Pilot your Bandit craft through the asteroids looking for the Blue Ore, the property of the aliens. The Ore is held in Outpost Satellites.

Use your HUD to locate the Satellite that contains the next collectible Ore. Return each Ore to your central teleporter device. Once a piece of Ore is teleported away, the next available Ore will be shown on your HUD.

Once four pieces of Ore are collected, you progress to the next level. There are ten levels to complete.

The HUD will also show the position of the Aliens that are teleporting into your region.

There are two types of Aliens, the standard ship, and the Seeker.
As you progress through the levels, the density of the asteroids will increase and so will the chances of encountering Seekers.

You do not have a weapon. You are only equipped with a movable shield. The shield can only defend a small part of the Bandit craft at a time. And there is only limited time to use the shield before a recharge is required.

If the Aliens manage to shoot or collide with the Bandit, a piece of the Bandit will be destroyed. Once the Aliens manage to break their way into the Bandit's core, the craft will be destroyed and the game will end.

Collisions with asteroids have a concussive effect. A piece of the Bandit will be lost and the craft will become unresponsive for two seconds.

If you try to leave the play zone, your ship will slow to a crawl, and your HUD will flash as a warning. You must re-enter the play zone. The Aliens can easily pick you off outside the play zone.

There is a Bonus for taking risks to complete a Level quickly. The Bonus will start depleting after 30 seconds.

Special thanks to Treb, Noofny and Nico for extensive testing that helped enormously.


Outpost Bandit for Windows 7 MB
Outpost Bandit for Mac OS X 7 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Download the setup executable and double click to install. Once complete, you can select the game from your windows start menu. There is a Readme next to the executable.

Mac OS X: Download the dmg and open to mount. Drag the icon into the applications folder and double click to launch. There is a Readme next to the executable.

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