A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Raster Blaster Reloaded is a tribute to the original Raster Blaster for the Apple II in 1981. Go back to where digital pinball all began!

This rebooted version is a recreation of the visuals, sounds, and rules of the original. It's faster, more fluid, and a whole lot more fun. Be warned though, it's not easy. There's a lot to do to win this pinball table.

This is the second table available in the Hip Pocket Pinball Series. Bean Farmer Pinball is also available here on itch.io.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, apple-ii, Casual, fun, multiball, old-school, orx-portable-game-engine, Pinball, raster-blaster, Remake
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


RasterBlasterReloadedSetup.exe 6 MB
RasterBlasterReloaded.apk 5 MB
RasterBlasterReloaded.dmg 5 MB

Install instructions

Installer for Windows

Download the installer and follow the prompts to install the game. Click the Raster Blaster Reloaded icon to start.

Installer for Mac

Double click the dmg and drag the Raster Blaster Reloaded Icon onto the Application folder to install. Run the icon from your application folder to start.

Installing for Android

Download the APK file. Your device will inform you that you will need to enable Unknown Sources to install. Follow the prompts to do this. Raster Blaster Reloaded is not available in the Google Store. On some devices you may need to open your file manager and locate the APK file again to install.

Touch the Raster Blaster Reloaded icon in your All Apps area to start.

Running on Linux

There is no installer for Linux, just the binaries needed to play. Run the "rasterblaster" executable to play. You may need to install additional missing libraries on some systems.

How to play

  • Pull the plunger to launch a ball. You have 5 balls to start.
  • A ball is first launched by pulling the plunger.
  • When a ball is first launched, the shields will be activated. The player gets free shields for 20 seconds.
  • Light all the top lights to increase the multiplier, and light the 'R' indicator.
  • After the 5x multiplier, the Extra Ball indicator will light. Fill all top lights again for a free ball.
  • Use the right flipper to cycle the lights at the top to line up holes with the moving ball.
  • Light one group of centre orange targets to enable a shield.
  • Shields remain active until the player loses the ball.
  • Light all right orange targets for 10000 points. If the 'R' indicator is already lit, the player receives a further 10000 bonus.
  • Light both groups of centre orange lights, and the two lower claws will be unlocked.
  • If a ball is fired into a claw, the ball will be captured and a new ball loaded into the chamber.
  • Light both groups a second time to unlock the final top claw.
  • When all three balls have been captured, they are released to start Multiball.
  • Hit the spinner for points. The faster the spinner turns, the more points awarded.
  • Smack the table to bump the ball. The player must be careful to use it sparingly or the table will tilt!

Controls (Desktop)

Enter – Start Game
Shift / Ctrl – Flippers
Arrow Down – Pull Plunger
Arrow Up – Smack Plunger
Alt + Enter – Toggle Full-screen
Space – Smack Table

Controls (Mobile)

Touch Anywhere – Start Game
Touch Bottom Corners – Flippers
Slide Finger Down – Pull Plunger
Lift Finger After Slide – Release Ball
Flick Device – Smack Table.